Tinting Services in Rochester

Tinting your windows is an important thing to do to protect your investment, plus keep your utility bills down. Many people may not realize it, but tinting can do a lot for your home or business. Healthy Glass of Rochester is here to serve you with all the tinting services you could ask for. We are a business that has over 10 years of experience in the industry and were founded in 2012.

A Woman-Owned Business

Healthy Glass was founded in 2012 and we are a nationally certified woman owned small business that provides window tinting services to both residential and commercial clients. We've worked hard from the ground up to provide tinting services that are far superior to all our competition. We are proud to serve Rochester and the surrounding areas with the best in the window tinting industry.
Window tinting for homes

100% American Made Products

All of our window films are produced right here in the United States by Madico Incorporated, which has been serving the country for over 30 years. They have been the leading name in the industry, improving film for windows for over three decades. By using only American-made products when we're on the job, Healthy Glass is dedicated to providing you and the rest of our clients with quality products that will last them a lifetime. We'll never settle for subpar products made in other countries that will be a waste of everyone's time and money. 

Saving You Money

Your window is actually a source in your property that you can improve in order to save money on utility bills. About one third of your cooling load is due to solar heat gained through windows. When it is cold outside, you lose the heat inside your property through your windows as well. By having film installed on your windows, it'll reflect and absorb heat. This means you won't have to put the heating or air conditioning on for as long. In turn, you'll see a huge difference when your next energy bill comes.

Learn more about our window tinting products and services: (585) 402-9224

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